Located in cambridge, wisconsin

We are a collaboration hub, offering workshops, ceremonies, retreats, spiritual experiences, and curated shopping. 

Our team is passionate about promoting and encouraging the sharing of knowledge, healing, self-understanding, and expression.

Welcome to The Collective at Covington Manor

The vision

Create a destination within Covington Manor for like-minded and curious individuals.

Working with both experienced practitioners and new business owners, we are all about the spirit of collaboration and cultivation of community and in-person sensory experiences. Our goal is to inspire and infuse creativity and celebration into your everyday life. 

This is our opportunity to continue to cultivate community in the flesh, in our local area. Let’s work together to bring back the essence of the village lifestyle to modern suburban living.

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Services offered

Connect with us to inquire about scheduling any of the following services or private parties with our practitioners here at The Collective.

Reiki Energy Healing 

Home Decluttering and Tidying Up

Intuitive Tarot Reading

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Massage & Sauna 

Private Yoga

Private Meditation 

Overnight Wellness Retreat 

Group Crafting Workshop

Social Media Content / Photography 

Make it yours

Rent the space

Are you a practitioner looking for a space to meet with your clients or host an event/workshop? Or someone looking for a tranquil workspace or sanctuary for your creative flow and/or passion projects?

Now offering hourly rates for utilizing our amenities. We would love to provide you a space that inspires and nourishes your soul and/or business. 

Reach out to LeighAnn via the link below for more info on renting the space for your needs.

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Inspired by the vibrations of the earth.

When shopping at The Collective, you will find that our goods are made and sourced by local creators and are selected with intention. The items in our retail spaces have been chosen for their holistic, multi-sensory characteristics and are inspired by the vibrations of earth, love and universe. It is part of our mission to breathe new life into vintage/aged/antique treasures and those found in nature in an effort to support sustainability. 

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Sustainable Goods/ Handcrafted Products

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Shop in person at Covington Manor (private shopping appointments only)

Or our booth at The Vintage Flip 



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